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How does it work?
We use industry leading methods to ensure maximum competitiveness online.

Our team has years of experience with ranking businesses across the US. We implement strategies meant to take the very top position on Search Results. We don’t just give your website a few tweaks, we enhance your entire online presence with our team of specialists who help your content get seen first.

If you are NOT in the google maps 3-pack you are losing money and allowing the competitors to dominate.

Our clients are able to take control of their local area and crush the competition.

SPO Consulting is the only Google map search engine optimization company that can deliver staggering results no matter how tough the competition is!

Everyone has a different start! Whether you are already online with an amazing looking website, or if you are still narrowing down on who should host your business website, we can help you get caught up to speed with the latest and most optimized platform that will allow for the best visibility.

Our team is experienced with SEO website builds ranging from simple, to large and complex. We can adapt to display your business just the way you like it!

Referred to as the optimizations done to the website itself. Here is where our team analyzes your entire site and the pages that were created from the very beginning. These deep level of arrangements are meant to make your website 100% Google friendly.

Backed with server sided optimizations, we can help even your mobile users load your site in an instant.

We start by establishing an online presence that is highly visible for search engines. Then, our team gets to work at distributing and spreading your content across a continuous amount links, citations, listings, press releases, and more!

We make sure your business is mentioned online and seen as a local authority towards search engines. Maintaining a flow of inbound customers as people in your area see your website listed first among the competition.

Custom built websites should be completely unique for each business. Which is why we never produce familiar looks that you may find from other agencies. Our team can adapt to the current look you already have, or we can start fresh from the beginning!

Complete with conversion features, we make sure your customers will love the website they click on, and that they get connected with you as well!

Our sites load fast, and adapt to any mobile device your customers use. Which is very important since most searches online are now done from mobile devices.

Today it is more important than ever to get in touch with a new lead as fast as possible. The cool part? We can automate this for you and your team so you never miss a sales opportunity! 

What is the Cost?

To ensure a successful campaign, a team member can help you understand what an appropriate budget should be. Pricing for an SEO campaign is variable to mainly these two factors.


Geographic radius, population, and demographics.


Number of competitors with SEO in the area, amount of time invested into their campaigns, and level of expertise from their agency.

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