SPO Blog- Should I use Home Advisor as a contractor?

Is Home Advisor worth it as a Home Service Contractor?

When you ask this question to someone that has experienced the platform and the leads that they provide, you are often met with some sort of poor experience regarding the quality of the leads. Either the price was just way too much, or the few leads that were purchased were just not very ‘high-intent’. We’ve heard it all from the contractors that we work with. In this article, we will dive into all of the reasons why business owners across the US are not fond of HA (Home Advisor + Angie’s List).

The Origin of the Generated Lead

To start, we will review the different methods that Home Advisor uses to generate leads. Since we are a marketing agency, we implement the same strategies ourselves, however, the largest differentiating factor is that HA does not work on an exclusive basis.

Home Advisor does like to spend some money on increasing the awareness of their brand. It is how they rely on re

If you find a customer that is actively looking to purchase a service, you have found a good lead for a company that provides that service. Awesome. So the next step is to connect the customer to the business. This is where Home Advisor really separates from the rest. HA will take an inbound lead and redistribute it to up to 4 competitors simultaneously. While charging each business the exact premium price for that info.

How The Lead is Handled

The 4 businesses that have now received a lead must fight against each other to earn that customer. Meaning that while each business was charged a premium price, only one of them could ever possibly end up getting a return from the provided lead. ALSO, the customer has now been aggressively pitched by multiple companies, because the sales team has to try their best to get that money back for the business! We’ve found that this model just doesn’t provide the type of experience that either business owner or customer would want. So we can already see how the real value of this generated lead has been diminished because of the way it was handled.

Live Leads – When you transfer an inbound call from a customer straight to the business, seamlessly.


Contact Form Leads – When you send the contact form message to the business owner, immediately after it was submitted online.


Convenience for the customers.

When the typical person needs a home service professional, the most convenient way for them to find their solution is by making a search online. This is the only way for them to reach out to a business at the moment that they are ready to make a purchase. It is the most seamless way since there are no raodbloack in between. In our experience, most customers choose to just go ahead and dial the given business instead of dealing with an online form and waiting for a response.

As the younger generations start becoming home owners, we start to see a wave of new users who simply want convenience and help at a moment’s notice. If you are trying to place your business directly in front of customers that are ready to buy, you should be placing a budget towards your Local SEO or Google Ad campaign.

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