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SEO for your Website’s Images

Marketing and SEO Services for Small Business. Optimize Images on your Site with SEO.

Did you know that the way that you upload images on your site can also be optimized? Even Google recently brought up the thought that images will probably be a more useful feature for their search engine in the future. That means that they will likely implement a new change soon that will end up using images as a more important factor for search results. This could potentially switch up the rankings that people are currently holding. Here at SPO, we have already been optimizing images because we don’t miss out on any opportunities to increase rankings for our partners. However, for many people that are getting some less than high quality work done for their websites may soon find themselves on a different position in the SEO rankings. It is best to listen to any clues that Google may give out that could point towards the right direction for the changes the developers will be making to the algorithm.

In this article, I will discuss a few things that you should be taking care of for your website. It can be tedious if you already have a lot of images uploaded, but maintaining a good method of uploading with the proper settings can make a huge difference in the long run.

To start off, we recommend using the .jpg format for your image. This is simply because it allows you to be able to edit the properties of the picture, which is what we need to do here. Then you need to pick a good name for your image. Here you can always do some analytical work to pull up popular ways that people are searching for the object in the image. Once you are comfortable with the main key term that you want to use for the image, then you can name it using “-“ to separate each word. For example: “chiropractor-in-orlando.jpg”

That should do a big difference as far as ranking for that image. The next steps are basically for extra SEO points. Again, not every marketing firm will go the full length to make sure everything is done right. While not everyone goes in these next steps, it can be the difference between the top rank and the second just because other people are also doing the same optimizations. Next you should right click on your image file on your computer, and then click on properties. Once you navigate over to the details tab, you can find a whole lot of additional things that you can add to the META data of your image. In this section you will want to fill out everything, including a 5 star rating too. Take the name that you used for your file, and set that same line of text in the Title, Subject, and Comments of the META data. Then, go into the tags section, and add additional key terms that you want to associate.

Now youre ready to match all of that META data with the settings on your website. Make sure to compress your image if needed, but if you are ready, go ahead and upload the image onto your site. In the description for the image you will find three sections you need to edit: Title, Alt Text, and Description. Make all of these identical to that same title you chose for the file name. Now you are good to go! These steps will make sure that you are properly optimizing even the images for your site. This isn’t always done by other SEO people, so if you notice that your images don’t have any descriptions on them, you may need to start getting to work!

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