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Local SEO Marketing Strategies. What is Local SEO for small business?

Nowadays consumers are interacting with websites more than ever to do things such as find services they need, book appointments, and reschedule also. The best part about all of this is that the websites that can handle these kind of tasks are achievable by almost any business. If you are a small business owner and have yet to set up a website for your company, you may be losing out on a whole lot more than just the ease of having an online platform.

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If you are looking for a new service that you are unfamiliar with, there may be a chance that you ask someone that you think would know more than you. This is normal because we are seeking more information to make a better decision on who we do business with. However, what happens when you don’t know a friend that has more information about this topic? Well in that case, you are very likely to head over to Google to start searching for the service you need. At this point, you will start looking through the reviews and trying to make a good decision on what company you think looks the best to do business with. Clicking on several pages, and viewing the different websites will allow you to make a better decision. This is especially true with reviews also. If you cant compete with the reviews of other business owners, then you simply don’t stand a chance at acquiring this new client like the rest of the competition does. This is where local SEO can help give you a chance.

Why Local SEO is important for Small Businesses. SEO Lead Generation.

Local SEO refers to the process of refining and optimizing your website so that it ranks well with local search terms. This would mean, in contrast to much larger search terms. For example, if you own a dentist office; you wouldn’t try to rank for the words “best dentist.” Instead, you would rank for “Best dentist in (local city name).” This would mean that you are very specifically trying to rank for the type of business you run, but in the specific city you are in. This can be a much smarter route considering the dramatic drop in competition that there is when only trying to rank for a particular city. Here is where you can start to get creative and rank for the subdivisions within your city. This type of ranking is much easier for a small business owner to tackle. However, it is likely that if you take over a particular niche, there may be much more competition in SEO as a result. If a different business owners takes notice that you have surpassed their ranking, they will most likely step up their SEO.

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The local map pack, or Google maps 3-pack, is the section of the Google search results that comes up on top which also includes a small section of the map. This section features the top ranked companies in that given area for the search term you typed in. These businesses can benefit from pretty much a majority of the leads for that type of service. Which can be extremely profitable.

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