Reverse Engineering Your Competitors Methods

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If you are wondering about the different ways to take on SEO for your website, there is a good chance that you have thought about checking up on what the competition has been up to. If you are trying to use the same methods as those who are still ranked higher than you, you may find that there are a wide range of tactics that marketing firms are using to accomplish their ranking. Don’t let yourself get discouraged just because a competitor has had a head start over you! It can actually be really effective to start your SEO methods by focusing on what your competitors have found to be most useful. This article will go over just a few different ways that you can begin to analyze the SEO tactics that are found in your market.


The Competitor Copy-Cat Method. Using Your Competitors’ SEO Strategies Against Them.

We can start by running a backlink test on the website for one of the businesses that have a higher ranking than yours. A back link test is essentially looking at all the different places that the link has been placed on. It can really differ from here, because we have seen so many low quality backlinks that we know there are many listings that will not hold on to their position for long. Running a back link test will allow you to see the quality and placement of your competitors linking. If you use sites that are spammy or full of ads and little quality content, you can expect to get a drop in reputation as soon as the Google algorithm catches you and flags the site. The goal of the developers that are constantly making changes to the code is to be able to get rid of spammy sites from coming up in search results. By flagging low quality sites, Google can improve the way that they rank listings and they can also make sure that those who spend little time or effort into ranking their sites end up getting punished for trying to cheat their way to the top. Getting your back link flagged like this can undo a lot of work that you may have been placing towards SEO. So, you want to make sure to avoid low quality sites if you are attempting to climb your rank the same way that your competitor has done so.

A common yet dangerous way that many websites have become ranked quickly would be to use a PBN. A Private Blog Network is a site that is being used by an SEO specialist to essentially rent out space for your link. These sites are usually purchased domains that are no longer in use, but used to have a lot of traffic flowing through them. The amount of traffic gives a boost to credibility; therefore, this is an unnatural way to increase your ranking quickly through a shady business deal. While it may work at getting your site ranked, Google is highly against this. If the PBN that holds your link is ever caught by the algorithm, you should expect to get a huge hit on your reputation.

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